Our Mission

To provide top quality management services and support to a wide range of residential and commercial real estate owners and investors to help enhancing the efficiency and extending the life cycle of the assets.

Our Vision - Our aspirations

To be recognized as a leading professional service provider that adds tangible value and actively contributes to the Prospective clients.

Luxury Real Estate properties management

We take pride in managing your property. One of our unique services is to entrust your luxury property management to us. We offer  council throughout the property management process. Our Carefully selected team will deliver full service in:

Our reliable team will find you a trustworthy person to be in charge of maintaining your property. Whether it is an inspection, an adjustments, cleaning, or replacements our team will ensure all systems are properly functioning.

Breakdowns and repairs
Whether it is a simple replacement of worn out parts, or more sensitive repairing or an emergency break down, our team will always respond and find a solution.

Operation and Maintenance management contracts

We manage activities which includes keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition in a routine, scheduled, or anticipated fashion to prevent failure and/or degradation of technical systems.

Restorations, Renovations and Interior design

Restorations and Renovations
From the most thorough restorations to the ordinary renovations, from fixtures to decorating, Pro-Infinity Care works according to the state-of-the-art of the trade, while deploying a true calling for the procurement of the best materials for quality and value, particularly regarding luxury properties.

Interior Architecture and Furnishing
We master interior design at any level: from the architectural planning of the living space to its realisation (floors, marbles, ceilings, doors, arcs, window frames, etc.) from the finishing to the lighting design, to the dedicated furnishing: tailor made, sporting designer pieces or classic style, and also wallpaper, curtains, etc.

We coordinate together different professional excellences in the field of engineering and architecture, tapping into a high grade of know-how and a wide experience in the selection of materials, having perfected over time excellent  negotiating skills, particularly with some of the best French, Italian and  international suppliers.

Environmental, health, safety and security

We organized efforts and procedures for identifying workplace hazards and reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situations, substances and other aspects of space safety that could affect the health and well-being of tenants.

Keeping the Property in Full Efficiency

Regular maintenance is not just about having a general cleaning in every corner of your home. It is about keeping everything in its best condition, for you to avoid having damages that could be difficult to repair.

We have both the needed expertise and the qualified personnel to guarantee that the full efficiency of the property is constantly carried on. Wiring and plumbing, air conditioning and other fixtures that are part of the property are naturally subject to wear and tear, obsolescence, and adaptation to standards.

The outsourcing of facility management services, besides the efficient handling of the services themselves, also guarantees the streamlining of the running costs, the functional optimisation in the enjoyment of the property and its increase in value.

Other Services for the International Élite

We do not leave anything to chance and therefore have provided a wide array of services, oriented to improve the enjoyment of the property and the quality of life for the tenants. For Instance, we could operate and maintain the guard and security staff, the internal personnel, the gardening and the care of green areas, if so desired.

Where do we operate

We are currently working in France – Switzerland – England – Italy and other renowned locations in Europe.

You may communicate with us in the following languages: French – Arabic – English – Italian.

Our references

Our professional references are available on request and confidentially

We acknowledge the need to disclose our work references to our new prospective customers however, we are obliged not to disclose the names of the owners and their respective properties due to non-disclosure agreements signed.

We will however show documents, photos and videos of our recent work without revealing their personal information.

Work with us

We are always open to consider new staff to join us who are well disposed to share our professional creed and to contribute with their talent and enthusiasm to the success of our company. If you recognise yourself in this profile, please send us your CV.
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